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What is Rayyanah Raudhah Lifeskills ? 

Rayyanah Raudhah Lifeskills is a training facility based on Islamic values where girls can check into short courses for motivation and life skills training. Important skills like social etiquette, grooming, cooking, sewing, time management (among others) are often neglected though these skills are so important.

Rayyanah Raudhah LifeSkills also provide programmes for more mature women in areas that can empower them to generate income for a better life.

Day classes will also be held for the following;

• Art & Craft (painting, embroidery and sewing)

• Domestic and Social skills (such as cooking and grooming)
Facilities located within Subang Jaya’s peaceful neighbourhood.  

  • Modules are designed to ensure maximum participation and practical knowledge that can immediately be applied.
  • Less than 30 participants at any one time.
  • Training in a resort style home to ensure fun and enjoyable learning.
  • Based on life’s experience and knowledge from its founders who anticipate the need for such a facility.
  • Classes will be conducted in Malay/English.


Our Story 

Life is moving at such a fast pace and becoming so competitive and children, especially girls need to be prepared. The earlier they are equipped with the right knowledge and essential life skills, the easier it will be for them to successfully lead happier and meaningful lives. 
As mothers we were (and still are), alarmed on the rising cases of divorce, of frequently abandoned newborn babies, stories of general disrespect shown by the younger generation to their elders, and how lives are impacted either positively or negatively, due to the progress of the internet and mobile communications.
We strongly believe that we are in this mess because in our busy lives, we often disengage ourselves from our creator and forget the purpose of our creation. Since this is of utmost importance, we embedded this into our training modules.
While there are motivation camps for academic excellence, there is none that caters for the finishing school that we wish for. Hence, our bold step in setting up Rayyanah Raudhah Lifeskills.
The young ladies of today will be the wives, mothers and leaders of tomorrow, and like it or not, it is the women who shape their homes, the environment and society. Let us help make the journey more fruitful and enjoyable, providing solid foundation to hone their skills as they go through their lives.
Not only that, we provide training in a home environment at a peaceful location in a residential area, and will not take more than 30 trainees at any one time. Learning self- improvement and home skills could not be any closer to the real thing.
How is that for our commitment to excellence!.
Noor Hayati Abdul Rashid
Managing Director
Rayyanah Raudhah Lifeskills Sdn Bhd